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Choosing a career is difficult. A global pandemic has changed the way we all work. Many people are entering the work force for the first time during this period, and thousands of other people are changing careers in order to improve their job security and earning potential.

There are so many options.

New jobs are invented every day. You don't have to start by building a billion dollar company. Sometimes, it's answering an ad and taking on your first freelance client. Other times, it's starting a podcast or taking an online class. These little acts of courage add up and lead to places you would never have previously imagined.

Share what you're doing with others.

Every day I meet people who are doing really cool careers and hobbies that I had never thought about before. From startup founders and small business owners to dungeon masters and activists, there are so many people doing wonderful things in this world. I hope that I get a chance to meet you next.

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